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About timber houses

  • Timber houses are massive wooden buildings made from squared logs and are intended for perennial or short-term housing
  • Our timber house building technology is based on centuries long tradition of Czech timber houses.
  • Squared logs of dimensions 300/300 mm, 250/250 mm and 200/200 mm can be used
  • Because of good insulating properties of wood already log of 200/200 mm meets the strict heat loss standards

Building techniques

Timber house building techniques are similar to log house building techniques. The most important difference is that instead of trunks squared logs are used. Other differences are:

  • the gap between logs is filled with isolation and weather strip
  • isolation is hidden under wooden ribbon
  • celling construction is made from wooden joists

It is important to know that timber constructions are limited in size and variability.

Carcassing of a timber house

Carcassing of a timber house consists of following elements:

  • outer walls and bearing partitions made from squared logs
  • log framework of celling
  • all wall openings and their preparation for installation of doors and windows
  • roof framework
  • holes for all plugs and switches
  • inside and outside surface finish of log walls (rubbing and planing, painting of outer walls)
  • transport and assembly

Turnkey project

Turnkey project of a timber house includes complete building without furnishings.

Timber house prices

The price of a timber house is somewhere between 20 to 30 % higher than the price of a log house. The carcassing price of and timber house can be estimated between 2.300 and 3.100 CZK (90 to 125 EUR estimated) and the price of turnkey project can be estimated between 6.700 and 9.500 CZK (265 to 375 EUR estimated) for 1 m3 of building volume.

The best price accuracy can be achieved when costumer sends us plan or an architectural study of a building.



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