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About log houses

  • Log houses are massive wooden buildings made from tree trunks and are intended for perennial or short-term housing
  • Modern wooden log houses are representing traditional building techniques combined with todays living standards and demands
  • For building of log houses special handcraft technology is used which is based on Canadian building procedure outgoing from ILBA (International Log Builders Association) standards.
  • Only hand debarked wood with mean trunk diameter from 25 to 40 cm is used. Because of good insulating properties of wood already trunk of 20 cm in diameter meets the strict heat loss standards
  • Spruce and fir wood are mostly used – straight and smooth trunks, slightly yellowish
  • Also pine, Oregon fir and larch wood can be used
  • Size of log buildings is not limited (neither up nor down), the only limit being distance between corner joints (8, max. 10 m)
  • If properly maintained, lifetime of each individual log house is more than 100 years (protection from rain and snow, periodically renewed paint)
  • All our log houses are build from high quality Czech wood (spruce,fir, pine, larch)

Building techniques

We are building houses in our conversion depot in Ledeč nad Sázavou. Building techniques can be shortly described in following order:

  • wet and hand debarked trunks are used for building
  • first row of trunks is laid on baseplate
  • other trunk rows are laid on first row in successive steps
  • on all trunks the groove is made and stuffed with isolation
  • trunk ceiling construction is made
  • all door and window openings in outer walls are made
  • openings for plugs are made
  • house construction is disassembled and all trunks are systematically labeled
  • wood is transported to assembly site and house is assembled with crane truck

It is very important to complete roof cover as soon as possible so that trunk walls are protected from rainfall.

Carcassing of a log house

Carcassing of a log house consists of following elements:

  • outer walls and bearing partitions made from trunks
  • trunk framework of celling
  • all wall openings and their preparation for installation of doors and windows
  • roof framework
  • holes for all plugs and switches
  • inside and outside surface finish of trunk walls (rubbing and planing, painting of outer walls)
  • transport and assembly

Turnkey project

Turnkey project of a log house includes complete building without furnishings.

Log house prices

The price of carcassing of a log house can be estimated between 1.800 and 2.300 CZK (70 to 90 EUR estimated) for 1 m3 of building volume.

The price of turnkey project can be estimated between 5.300 and 7.200 CZK (210 to 285 EUR estimated) for 1 m3 of building volume.

The best price accuracy can be achieved when costumer sends us plan or an architectural study of a building



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